Our Full Spectrum of Print-Finishing and Imaging Services

UPC Printing

There are infinite uses for barcodes and other unique identifiers—especially as physical marketing blurs the line into digital campaigns. Howlan Inc. brings customers barcoding, UPC printing and QR coding, designed to create an omni-channel marketing push for your next campaign. We’ve provided code printing to businesses big and small throughout the Midwest.

We typeset, imprint and image all types of bar codes and security information, UPC, code 3 of 9, interleave 2 of 5, on roll labels, paper sheets and folded and stitched pieces. We understand the technologies; their possibilities and limitations. Our cutting-edge equipment and sophisticated software ensure the accuracy of your job.

  • Barcoding: Barcodes are a unique identifier that you can integrate directly into a wide range of applications. Assign barcodes for your member ID cars, for special redemption coupons, for inventory labels and much, much more. Whatever your need for barcoding, we bring much-needed expertise to the table.
  • UPC printing: UPC codes have broad applicability—everything from product identifiers to transactional purposes. If your marketing materials or printed products need a UPC identifier, trust us to print them for you.
  • QR coding: QR codes are the best way to link a physical interaction to a digital outcome. People can whip out their phones, scan the code and turn a physical transaction into an online one. Link them to a web page, an ecommerce product or anywhere else online—and track the scans with a unique identifier to create a cohesive campaign.

From barcoding for individualized materials to QR code printing as a gateway to a digital experience, Howlan Inc. is ready to bring a new dimension to your print collateral. Contact us today at 847-279-1000 to learn more about how coded printing can add functionality and dynamism to your next campaign.


Correction Work

Some people might say that this isn't the place to admit mistakes.

But when our clients make them, we fix them. We can't reveal whose printing materials we've saved or who still has a job as a result of our ability to keep a finished product out of a landfill.

We block out incorrect words and add omitted information to a finished piece (even on the inside), and we make the correction look as good as the original printing. After you've kicked yourself (but before your deadline), give us a call.

Suffice it to say, we've salvaged advertising budgets and people's jobs for decades.

(But we'll keep it just between us.)​



Getting your marketing materials into the hands of the people they’re meant for can be a challenge. At Howlan Inc., we see it as an opportunity to deliver a superior level of customer service! It’s why we offer mail fulfilment service to customers across the Midwest. Our mailing and fulfillment capabilities are the perfect way to augment unique design and full spectrum printing jobs.


We offer unique addressing and printing services to meet your special needs. Our state-of-the-art mailing equipment and software helps us offer you the most efficient, least cost method of moving your mail.

Whether it's done by machine or by hand, we can find a more efficient way to do it. We assemble kits, create P.O.P displays, collate, insert and construct whatever you can imagine. Over the decades, we've combined some rather unusual tasks to make our clients' products stand apart from those of their competitors.


Our mail fulfilment service encapsulates everything you expect from a support provider. That means everything from list management and maintenance to keep your reach relevant, to presorting for more efficient dissemination.

List management and maintenance

We lower your mailing cost by merging lists, eliminating duplicates and undeliverable mail.

Wide range of imaging capabilities

Inkjet, laser or labels mailers from postcards to 17x22 envelopes.

Presort all classes of mail

1st class, standard, periodicals and bound printed matter.

Supporting Your Campaigns

At Howlan Inc., we aim to help you make your mailing as efficient, accurate and effective as possible. Reach us today at 847-279-1000 to discuss our capabilities and how we can leverage them into your campaign.



Tough padding jobs?
Just a piece of cake for us!
Sheets can be

  • ​Imaged
  • Numbered-bar coded
  • Enamel and laminated sheets
  • Card affixed
  • Padded with easel

Want to make your padding job more interactive?

​Add scratch off, scratch 'n sniff or a QR code so smart phone users can ​go directly to your web site when they scan it.​​

Scratch-Off / Scratch 'n Sniff


Our in-house manufacturing facility employs state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge materials to add punch to your marketing pieces. A printed piece is just a printed piece. But when your client scratches off ink to reveal a prize or discount, you've entered the world of interactive marketing.

We can apply gold, silver, black, white or PMS color scratch-off to your printed sheets with complete finishing services or custom-design a piece to match your specifications. We know the capabilities and attraction of these concepts and can help you design a marketing piece that's a winner every time.

Scratch 'n Sniff

Entice your customers with interactive user-friendly Scratch 'n Sniff applications. More attractive than wet paint.
Scratch 'n Sniff tickles your curiosity and encourages interaction. Tickets, coupons, game cards. Call us, we'll give it a smell.



One page isn't nearly enough space to list all of the uses for numbering: coupons, gift cards, lottery tickets... And that's just a start! We number on paper, plastic, card stock and a wide variety of other substrates. Numbering helps you maintain order, informs you of response location, discourages counterfeiting and adds another level of security. It all adds up. You can really count on numbering. We can even increase a response by covering the number with the enticing draw of Scratch off.

Our capabilities range from 2x3 cards to full size 23x35 posters; from single sheets to 1" thick catalogs. Number sizes range from 1/8" to 8", as many as 255 digits to more than 100 positions on a sheet.

Variations of numbering options include skip numbers, repeat numbers, numeric only, alpha numeric, with space, with dashes, many different typefaces, bar-coding, OCR, random, PINs and mod numbers.


Labeling is a unique way to add another dimension of appeal to print materials and marketing collateral. At Howlan Inc., labeling is one of our specialties and we love to introduce customers to the many ways a creative label can enhance a traditional print concept. We’re happy to share our insights and past experiences, to take your project to the next level!

With our unique in-line labeling equipment, we can affix labels to sheets, envelopes or catalogs. Need variable info on the labels like barcodes, alpha-numeric, sequential numbers, addresses? Just ask! We have broad experience with label printing and offer labeling service that’s as unique as the product you’re printing.

  • Address labels: When you’re getting ready for a huge mailing campaign, we offer custom address label printing. Our experience with variable data printing allows us to create sequential and sorted address labels that quickly coordinate your mailing campaign. It’s a great way to add a personal touch.
  • Peel and reveal: These gentle adhesives give recipients a reason to interact with your direct mailer or other piece of print collateral. Peel away the label to reveal what’s underneath! This is great for concealing discounts, coupon codes, incentives, offers and more.
  • Peel and redeem: Peel and redeem labels are a great way to get people to present coupons and other redeemable items. Send out peelable coupons or discount codes and track the ones that come back to you. Combined with our variable printing capabilities, it’s a powerful way to track redemption rates.

Whatever your vision for labeling, we make it real. Contact Howlan Inc. today at 847-279-1000 to learn more about our label printing capabilities and to discuss the different styles, materials and uses for printed and affixed labels. We’ll be happy to advise you on products that’ve worked for other businesses across the country.



Howlan can imprint on almost any printed product. The result is a more productive use and allocation of your advertising dollars, eliminating useless overruns of stock and wasteful obsolescence of your printed materials. You stretch your budget, while getting a better-looking, customized piece!

We also offer the ability to fix other people's printing mistakes.