Serving the Graphic
Arts Industry Since 1945

For over 74 years,

Howlan has been serving the printing industry.
Our job is to make ​you look ​good ​to your customers.


Are You Lost in an Ocean of Experts?

With so many companies out there promising they can meet your special needs, it's easy to feel cast adrift.

But where can you turn for expert advice, professional quality and a full line of custom services, all in one location?


Howlan Inc.

For over 74 years, Howlan has earned a rock-solid reputation for providing superior service, delivering fast turnaround, and satisfying customer requirements.

Whether you're searching for imprinting, scratch-off, numbering, or labeling, or even corrections and fulfillment, we do it all!

So when you're looking for a single "port-of-call" for all of your finishing needs, remember that Howlan is only a stone's throw away.


We pride ourselves on having the experience, the staffing, the equipment, the facilities and the passion to be the top
print-finishing provider in the graphic arts industry.

We can meet all your needs with:

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